Black was the night when I did surrender, I did give in to my weakening sight. Now that I'm empty my dreams once were many soul's bitter cry to unleash the divine. When you think there's no way out and all you see collides, hope will in the end chase all your fears away.

Even the mighty Republic bleeds when struck.

Revolution Begins, live in Haapsalu. (x)

the hobbit - minimalist posters

Get to Know Me
[2/5] favorite female characters 
Cersei Lannister [Game of Thrones]

“We had seen a number of excellent actresses, but everyone had interpreted the character as an emotionless ice queen. Lena took her in a different, stranger and more interesting direction. In her hands, Cersei embodies endless contradictions. The queen can seem both ruthless and fragile, often in the same scene. She can exhibit extreme cruelty but also utter devotion to her own children.” (x)

me after watching "Drop Dead Cynical" video: words cannot describe how much I hate Patric Ullaeus videoclips.

Divergent Factions: Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless and Erudite